Hey Coromandel!

Welcome to the Coromandel 360 Heart Stopper Challenge 2019!

To celebrate the start of spring, we've decided to go for a dip in the ocean!

Come to Waiomu Beach Domain on Saturday 26th October, we gather at 11.30am and we then enter the water for the plunge at 12 o'clock and take our 6 minute ocean swim challenge!  It's Heart Stopper season - so take a dip and support Heart  Kids! 

Get your team together, start planning your synchronised swimming routine, think up an awesome costume and team name, set yourself up a team page, share your fundraising page with your friends, family and networks to raise as many dollars as you can for kids with broken hearts. 

What exactly is the Heart Stopper Challenge, you ask?

 It's a fun and easy way for you to make a splash and help raise funds and awareness to support the 12 babies born each week with a congenital heart defect in NZ.

You can take part as a team or as an individual,  the goal is to raise as much money as you can to support heart kids and their families locally as well as communities across the country. It’s really cool!

Our refreshing signature event has been running all around the country for well over 10 years. Thousands of warmhearted people over the last decade have put their brave face on and taken the plunge to help little kiwi kids born with heart defects.

The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge is a simple, fun event where you can challenge yourself and do a lot of good at the same time.

The Coromandel Heart Stopper Challenge is free to enter and requires no athletic prowess - just a heart of gold!

Yes, it’s a challenge, but we know you can do it and you’ll be able to say that your warm heart has helped so many little hearts that need support.

Heart Kids NZ has been around for over 30 years helping children with heart conditions and their families. We provide support for families while they spend extended periods of time in the National Children’s Hospital and when they are back at home in their local community.

Click on the ‘Join in!’ button now to set up your page or to support a plunger, find their team on the leaderboard below or click on the ‘Sponsor a plunger’ tab above.

Let’s make a splash for broken little hearts all around the country!

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