Hey fun, adventurous people,

Welcome to the 360 Heart Stopper Challenge 2018!

Our ‘refreshing’ signature event has been running all around the country for well over 10 years. Thousands of warmhearted people over the last decade have put their brave face on and taken the plunge to help little kiwi kids born with heart defects.

What is the 360 Heart Stopper Challenge?

The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge is a simple, fun event where you can challenge yourself and do a lot of good at the same time. Grab some friends or workmates, think of a fun team name and costume share your fundraising page with your friends, family and networks to raise as many dollars as you can and come along and take your turn and finally, come along to the event and take your turn with many other adventurous plungers to sit in a pool of water nicely chilled to 10° for 360 seconds. It’s really cool!

Yes, it’s a challenge, but we know you can do it and you’ll be able to say that your warm heart has helped so many little hearts that need support.


Would you like to hold your own 360 Heart Stopper Challenge?

Do you know enough brave souls prepared to chill out for kids with broken hearts?

We may not be holding a Heart Stopper Challenge near you or perhaps you’d like to run this event at your workplace. We’ve made it simple - you can set up your own event here.

All you need to do to set up is:

- create a profile page by clicking the Join in button

- then click on create a team which will be the name of your Heart Stopper event.

- you can then invite people to join the team or send the link to the page out in a bulk email.

- each participant can then share their page to get donations for their plunging efforts.

It’s easy - you’ll be able to track participants; all of your fundraising can go through one place so you can easily see how much you have raised for Heart Kids. You’ll also be able to communicate directly with all participants and donors as well as share any updates on social media.

We will support you along the way by supplying you with an event pack that contains all you need to think about to hold your own 360 Heart Stopper Challenge.

Heart Kids NZ is a nationwide organization that has been around for over 30 years helping the 12 babies born every week with heart defects. We provide essential support for families while they spend extended periods of time in the National Children’s Hospital and when they are back at home in their local community.

If you would like to see if there is a 360 Heart Stopper Challenge already happening near you click here.

Click on the ‘Join In’ button now to set up your event or to support a plunger, find their team on the leaderboard below or click on ‘Sponsor a friend’ tab above.

Let’s make a splash for broken little hearts all around the country!

Heart Kids NZ

Heart Kids NZ is the only organisation in New Zealand dedicated to providing lifelong support for all those living with a childhood heart defect.

We Support Kids, Teens, Adults and Families
We Provide Practical and Emotional Support
We Fund Equipment
We Educate
We Inform
We Fund Research
We Listen, We Learn, We Act
We Make a Difference

Heart Kids NZ Inc. Charity Registration CC20102

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