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Page Name Team Donation Total  
Tracey Jewels of Denialjoin this team $0.00 NZD
Jesse The Ice Ice babiesjoin this team $0.00 NZD
Jen Bailey for Team Lennox! Team Lennox!join this team $0.00 NZD
Janelles Dip Hamishs Friends Circle join this team $0.00 NZD
Pongakawa Farmers
[Johno Browne]
join this team $0.00 NZD
James Chalk The Southern Ulti-Matesjoin this team $0.00 NZD
Team RDNZ $0.00 NZD
John Christiansen $0.00 NZD
LIBER8 for HEART KIDS JustICE League (Soul-Full Living)join this team $0.00 NZD
JustICE League (Soul-Full Living)
[Rebekah ]
join this team $0.00 NZD
Jarrah Emery Bene & the FITZjoin this team $0.00 NZD
Batman - JustICE League JustICE League (Soul-Full Living)join this team $0.00 NZD
Team Jetts Fitness
[Jetts Fitness NZ]
join this team $0.00 NZD
Jess + Joe Luna's Ladies & Ladsjoin this team $0.00 NZD
Jess FFA ICE WARRIORSjoin this team $0.00 NZD
Jackson's Crew $0.00 NZD
Jewels of Denial
[Maree Garland]
join this team $1,015.00 NZD
F45 The Mount NZ
[James Gibb]
join this team $0.00 NZD
Allan JustICE League (Soul-Full Living)join this team $0.00 NZD
The Heart Surgeons
[Jessie Griffiths]
join this team $50.00 NZD